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Topics Updated: 9/1/2007

Fight or Walk
Co-Signers Credit Rating
Can’t Sell What You Don’t Own
Two Repos Credit Impact
Debit Card Fraud
Can Brother Charge Storage?
Dream or Nightmare
Three Months Behind
Romance, Finance & Folly
“Upsidedowner” than before
Emotions Make Things Worse
Debt Position Poor
Til Debt Do We Part
How Long Between Reposession and Credit Impact?
Is Car Sale Final?
South Carolina Owner Age
Repo Impact
Co-signer Consequence
Uninsured Motorists Vanish
From Here to Retirement and Back
Save my Inheritance
Can I borrow against Profit Sharing?
Life Insurance; Beneficiary or Estate?
Dirvorced Cosigner
Antique White or Wrong
Bad Credit-Repo-Insurance lapse-Accident
Can I hide negative equity?
Divorce and vehicle payment
Minimal Monitoring - Gold - Land
Repo worries
IRA ROTH Combined Limit
Disability Denied
Repo Actual Case
Repo Dreaming
Upside Down Drown
Jail is not enough
Roth or Not
Mutual Fund Gains
Co-Signer or Co-Owner
Long Term Care
Repo Ingored
Pathfinder can’t find path
That’s Sound Advice
Upside down and drowning
When there’s a will, is there a way?
Negative Equity Plus
Do car payments survive Dad?
Seventy and Spending
Car died... Do payments live?
Low Down Payment
Life Insurance - What kind? - How much?
Pay in TX or Play in UK
Reposession Alternative
Special Needs Trust and Real Property
Military Retirement Pay Garnishment
Rent control or “Sky’s the Limit”?
How long does voluntary auto repossession stay on credit report?
Can I recover value lost?
Paint peeling off car
Car totaled while uninsured
Daughter Stole Car
Who should Pay?
How do I fire my accountant?
Mortgage and Real Estate Questions
Car Damage Exceeds Value
Who Owns the Van?

Mom Owes $30K
Divorced to get State Aid
Voluntary Auto Repossession
Unemployed and Facing Eviction
Does Disability Clear Bad Credit?
Stock: Mom and Son
Special Needs Trust
Credit Card Extra
Negative Equity
Can’t Pay Bills
Excessive Credit Debt
Take Higher Deductible or Stay With Lower Deductible Health Insurance?
Parental Debt Responsibility
Financial Concerns
Fire Accountant?
Property Management
Frequent Flyer
Social Sales
Getting Married - No Money
Resolving Credit Problems
Buy or Lease?
Should I Fund My IRA Every Year?

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