ok how do i start, i met a guy in my work place and we began to get to know eachother, then from there we began to have a relationship well we have been dating for about 3 weeks now and he just found out that his ex-girlfriend is 7months pregnant he has explain to me that he cannot chose between myself or his ex-girlfriend he asked me how i felt about it i said i dont know because i never had came across something like this my family is telling me to leave him but i am falling madly in love with him so i dont know he told me that he wants me and his kid but his ex-girlfriend wont leave him alone all she says is this is our chance to have a family but he has to leave me. he wont i dont know what to say i told him that i can try and help him with the baby but if she is going to have a problem with me being there with him then i guess that he has to really make a choice. sry about all the chattering i dont that alot.


Your family is absolutely, positively, definitely, without doubt, slam dunk, 100% correct in telling you to dump Bozo. You, on the other hand, can not distinguish between being in love and being in heat (sometimes called infatuation). What could you possibly find to LOVE about a loser who irresponsibly impregnates a woman with whom he could not maintain a relationship long enough to find out she was pregnant? What a guy! What lack of self-respect allows you remain in a contest with that poor foolish girl? What lapse of judgment makes you even consider taking care of a baby along with Bozo?


All of this in just 3 short weeks!
Get as far away from this loser as fast as you can.

As an aside, how could you possibly think you are ready for a serious relationship with anyone? Kelly, your good judgment forgot to remind you to use Spell Check or to reread your post before hitting “send.” I think you are older but you sound about 13.

What does “ i dont that alot,” mean?
Everybody’s Uncle

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