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Topics Updated: 1/11/08

Clear Sight vs. Parasite
Special Needs Babysitting
Keep it in your fantasy
“Some” is not enough
Fed up with inlaws.
False Charges
She Loves Me, Nah - Nah - Nah
A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind
Validation -Dump
OCD - Not Easy
View from the Bride
Jake...or Snake?
Grandma - Grief - and Growing
Just not good enough
Who called the cops?
Thongs - but no thanks
It’s Raining Men
The Road to Jerry Springer
Three Years to Dudsville
Me or pregnant ex-girlfriend?
Who needs advice?
Is Fourteen Jail Bait?
Emotional Parasite
I Don’t; You Can’t; So Don’t Ask
Disown Daughter
Cheat & Consequences
Love VS Logic
Pregnancy, Paranoia and Cocaine
Charity and Clarity
Poor Jenny
Can attorney send police?
Georgia on her mind
I want to be free
Cocaine Unabled
Now you see him... now you don’t
Sister Won’t Cooperate
Sister Stress
Lose weight, gain brain
Should I move in with paranoid boyfriend?
I should have listened
Neighbor from Hell
Neighbor ignores me
Move in with Boyfriend?
Miles to Appreciation
Son Used Cocaine
Control or be Controlled
Pregnant Girlfriend
Husband Training
Marriage Unhappy - Stay or Leave?
Crippling Self Image
Kids Or No Kids
Friend Or Gold-Digger
Trip to San Francisco
Friend or Boy Friend
Soul Mate Died
Am I Controling?
Sibling Hatred
Alternative Theory of Gravity
Considering Adoption
Care for Grandparents
Recreational Drug Use
Fed Up with Sister-In-Law
Not Ready to Commit
Rules of “Engagement”
Neighbor’s Dogs
Dealing with Grief
Arrogant & Antagonistic Male
Distribution of Assets
Best Friend is having affair

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